Here’s How To Easily Relieve Debilitating Back Pain Without Leaving Your Couch

Back pain is often a reality for many people. I’m one of them! Sure, I’m active, I

Scientists Blow The Lid on Cancer & Sunscreen Myth

According to a June 2014 article featured in The Independent (UK), a major study conducted by researchers at the
10 Ways to Treat Depression Without Antidepressants

10 Ways to Treat Depression Without Antidepressants

You’ve probably been told that antidepressants correct the chemical imbalance in your brain. As it turns out,

Exclusively For Smokers: 5 Ways To Detox Your Body Of Nicotine

“Every smoker knows smoking is not good, yet the addiction stays. This addiction can lead to a

Energy Drinks May Harm Your Health In A Big Way

Put the Monster down, and back away from the Red Bull. Energy drinks are a multi-billion dollar
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Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Every Cancer Can Be Cured in a Few Weeks!

Alkaline-acid balance of the body Health and disease of the human body depend on the biological and

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World’s First 3D Printed Supercar Is One Of The Greenest Cars Around

With more people taking care of the environment, green cars are becoming more popular and a California company has taken advantage of this fact along with the latest technology and designed Blade, the world’s first 3D printed supercar. The company designed

See The World’s Most Spoken Languages In One Eye-Opening Infographic

Around the world there are a total of 7,102 known languages, of this gargantuan amount twenty-three remain popular enough to be considered the most spoken languages of the world. These 23 languages are considered the mother tongue for more than 50

Algae Lamps That Can Be Food Too! (Video)

I’ve heard of edible underwear, but edible light bulbs? Living Things is a project that focuses on the use of spurilina, an algae that’s capable of creating light as well as a healthy snack. Architectural designer Jacob Douenias and industrial designer

6 Ways To Find Out If Your Friend Is Actually A Friend

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” ~  Thomas Aquinas I got to a point in my life where I understand that you shouldn’t expect much from those around you, and that you shouldn’t make anyone

Why You Should Wash Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar

Unfiltered apple cider vinegar works great for your hair and scalp. It cleanses your hair, giving it more body and luster, and it also prevents hair-loss. Apple cider vinegar relieves itchy scalp and eliminates dandruff by destroying any bacteria or fungi

Boiled Toilet Paper Saved Her Life When She Was At Her Lowest. When You See How, It’s Unbelievable!

This will leave you speechless! You will not believe how this boiled toilet paper saved and helped this veteran when she was at her lowest point in life and career. It was really unbelievable! Her story is so inspiring! Marine Amber Mills, who used